A forwarding agent

Ideal Freight Services, is your appointed specialist to forward your goods worldwide either by sea, by air or by road.
Ideal Freight Services provides customized service at market price and an appointed, single speaker for all your import/ export operations, including specific cargo such as dangerous goods, sensitive freight, personal effects but also customs clearance operations.

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Reactive, flexible and highly available, we are committed to assisting you from the picking of your goods to their delivery, all around the world.
As a WCA member and IATA agent, we ensure reliable, quick and tailored service to every company, even on troubled geographical areas.

Air – Sea – Road Freight

Ideal Freight Services vous propose l'acheminement de vos marchandises…

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Vehicle stuffing

Ideal Freight Services s'occupe de l'empotage et/ou du dépotage de…

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Legalization of documents

Ideal Freight Services s'occupe de la légalisation de vos documents…

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Dangerous goods

Ideal Freight Services dispose de toute l'expertise nécessaire pour…

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Wood packaging

Une marchandise sensible à envoyer ? Des produits dangereux à conditionner…

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Personal effects

Vous déménagez ? Ideal Freight Services s'occupe de l'acheminement…

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Hand Carry

Ideal Freight Services vous propose une solution d'acheminement d'urgence…

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Ideal Freight Services vous propose le stockage de vos marchandises…

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Member Agent

As a member of WCA and IATA associations, Ideal Freight Services benefits from a large network of destinations, to which it can provide forwarding services.

Thus, local agents ensure high-quality service and make communication easier with Ideal Freight Services in France.

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If you’d rather sending us an e-mail, please provide as many details as you can about your request.

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